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About OpinionMom

OpinionMom is a blog for sharing opinions. I’ll share my opinions and you share yours. It’s a place where we can get together and discuss what’s on our minds.

Some of the thing we’ll talk about here include: books, faith, families, kids, movies, music, and (of course) opinions.

OpinionMom is the blogspot of Laura Spencer. All contents are copyrighted.

If you enjoyed this blog, you may also enjoy my writing blog, WritingThoughts or Work From Home Momma, where I blog about working from home.

Need to contact me? My e-mail is laura@opinionmom.com.


I currently write for Freelance Folder and Everything PR.

In the past, I’ve written for Know More Media and b5media.

From time to time, I accept materials (such as books) for review. I only write about such materials IF I believe that they are of interest to the readers of this blog. These instances will be labeled within the post.

In the past, I have written a handful of paid posts. Again, these will be labeled within the post.

Some posts may contain affiliate links, such as my e-junkie or Amazon link. These will be labeled in the post.

From time to time, this blog runs Google Adsense advertising. The products and services depicted in the Adsense ads are chosen by Google.

You can read more on my disclosure policy here.

Contents (c) Copyright 2009, Laura Spencer. All rights reserved.

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