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Frugal Friday: Save on Gas with Grocery Club Cards

October 26th, 2007 · No Comments


My tip this Friday concerns how to beat the high cost of gasoline.

Many people ignore this, but some grocery club cards come with a gasoline discount for members. Sometimes all that you have to do to receive the discount is sign up for the card. For other cards you must buy a certain amount of groceries to be eligible for the discount. To redeem your discount you will need to fill up at the gas station owned by that particular grocery or club chain.

In my area, the grocery cards that offer discounted gasoline prices include: Sam’s Club, Costco, Kroger, and Tom Thumb.

I haven’t used a Sam’s Club Card or Costco card to buy gasoline recently, but in my area you qualify for ten cents off of a gallon at a Kroger gasoline pump each time you purchase $100 worth of groceries. For my car, which takes 14 gallons to fill, that is $1.40 in savings each time that I fill up. If I fill my car up twice a week, that’s $2.80 a week which translates to $145 a year. (Even without the grocery purchase, using your Kroger grocery card at a Kroger gasoline pump will save you three cents a gallon.) The offer at Tom Thumb is similar. Each time that you buy $50 worth of groceries with your Tom Thumb card, you can save ten cents a gallon at a Tom Thumb pump.

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