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Go-gurt Fizzix — A Product Review

September 6th, 2007 · 1 Comment


We were sent a case of Yoplait Go-gurt Fizzix to try so that I could review this new product for you, the reader. (Thanks Char at Weary Parent for passing my e-mail along!)

For the past week or so we’ve been testing Go-gurt Fizzix. (For the record, our flavors to test were Strawberry Lemonade Jolt and Wild Cherry Zing.)

Fizzix is a new concept in G0-gurt. The Fizzix flavors are tangier than regular Go-gurt. One of my kids compared the Fizzix flavor to the taste of a Sweet-Tart candy.

We tried the product two ways: refrigerated and frozen. Five different people sampled (and are still sampling) the product. The five “taste testers” were myself, my DH, my two teenaged DDs, and my brother (who doesn’t live with us, but is close by and comes often enough that he got a sample).

My taste testers had mixed feelings about this product. Three of the taste testers (myself, my brother, and my youngest daughter) liked the product both frozen and refrigerated. My DH and oldest daughter would only eat the product if it was frozen.

As a mom, what I really liked about Fizzix was the fact that each serving of Fizzix provides 10% of the daily recommended allowance for Calcium. Each Go-gurt tube is also only 80 calories, so there is good portion control. The Go-gurt also contains live and active cultures, which can be beneficial to the health.

What I didn’t like about the product was the sugar content (11 g is a little higher than I would prefer) and the high sodium content (35 mg).

Since everyone likes these frozen (and they really do taste good that way — I’d much rather the kids eat these than popsicles), I’ve stuck a bunch of them in the freezer. They make great afterschool snacks and I’ve even served them to the kids as a dessert and for breakfast.

I think we’ll be buying these again.

(Disclosure: Product samples were provided by an agent for Go-gurt Fizzix.)

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