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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Guest Movie Review

July 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Today I have teen blogger “Rae,” who blogs at Rae’s Random Rambles to help with the review of the new Harry Potter Movie.

OpinionMom: Was there anything about the movie that you didn’t like?

I did not like the differences in the book and the movie. I also did not like some of the changes that were made.

OpinionMom: Did you like the movie or the book better?

I, of course, liked the book better. In my opinion books are almost always better, allowing the reader to use their imagination while reading.

OpinionMom: What age group would you say that this movie is for?

I would say it is for children and adults over the age of twelve. If the children are younger make sure the parents are ready to talk about it.

OpinionMom: Was there anything objectionable about this movie?

There was nothing about the movie that I particularly objected to.

OpinionMom: Was the movie worth it? Would you buy this movie?

I would love to own this movie.

For additional opinions about the movie visit Rae’s Random Rambles.

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