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Are We Done Yet? Movie Review

July 14th, 2007 · No Comments

You might have been hoping for a review of the new Harry Potter movie. I’m sorry to disappoint. I didn’t see Harry Potter this week. (I’m still hoping to share a review for that movie from a certain guest blogger that I have in mind …)

What I did see was an older movie titled, Are We Done Yet? It will probably come out on DVD soon, so you might still find this review helpful.

(We have a second run movie theater in our town that shows movies for a little more than a dollar AFTER they have finished in the main theaters, but BEFORE they come out on DVD. It’s great way to “try before you buy.”)

There were many parts of this movie that I could really relate to.

  • The teenager was sassy and I’ve certainly experienced some sass from my own teens.
  • The main character was a magazine writer who worked at home and I work at home as a writer.
  • The little apartment they lived in at first was cramped and messy and we live in the first place we bought which is sometimes, you guessed it, cramped and messy.
  • The house they bought was beyond a “fixer upper” and the house we live in was a “fixer upper” when we bought it (though it was not in quite as bad a shape).
  • I could even relate to the troubles that the character had with his contractor, although not quite to the same extent.

Overall, I would say that Are We Done Yet? is a fairly clean movie. It has a very similar feel to the TV shows that you would find on the Disney Channel or Nikelodeon. There are a few sexual innuendos, but the main characters are married. There is a birth scene, but it is not graphic.

I like that the main character tried to correct his daughter for dressing immodestly and that they prayed before they ate. I didn’t like the fact that the mom character dressed almost as immodestly as the daughter and nothing was said about that. (Both of the thirteen year olds that I saw the movie with picked up on this.)

In a lot of ways, this movie relies on clich├ęs and cheap gags. While we all laughed, it felt a little bit flat in places. I was glad that I didn’t pay full price. When I asked my daughter and her friend what they thought, they had about the same reaction.

“It was okay, but we wouldn’t want to own it.”

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